_Vladdin Vaping System "JUUL KILLER"

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The Vladdin has finally arrived! You may have heard of all the buzz about JUUL, especially in the USA, well, we are proud to bring you the "JUUL Killer", Vladdin.

What makes the Vladdin so great is that unlike it's highly successful competitors it is REFILLABLE. Also the features are amazing including;

ULTRA LIGHT Weight. Vladdin is not much heavier than an actual cigarette.

INCREDIBLY STYLISH: The Vladdin looks modern, professional and very slick and you can hold it in the same way a cigarette.

NIC SALTS: Vladdin works great with high mg nicotine salts. For an incredibly satisfying nic hit we tested the Vladdin with e-liquid mixed at : 1/3 Nic Salts, 1/3 Double Flavour, 1/3 VG Plain

REFILLABLE: Stay away from expensive pre-filled cartridges such as the ones provided by JUUL or NICOVAPE. With Vladdin you can mix your own juice and refill at a fraction of the costs!

ULTRA QUIET: Being a low power device with high output the Vladdin is amazingly quiet to use. You can be very discreet!

Weve been BLOWN AWAY by this little gem, its a step above all the competitor POD devices, including what we stock here.


Product Information

VLADDIN RE is a portable and easy to use refillable pod vaping system that achieves consistent and efficient delivery by its controlled power.

Main Features:

● Portable and easy to use top-fill open pod vaping system

● Consistent and efficient delivery by controlled power

● Magnetic connection between pod and device

● Universal Micro-USB charger

● Patented Ceramic Coil Inside


Vladdin Cartridge



Resistance Range

1.2 ohm -1.5ohm

Vladdin Base


19.04mm x 11.4mm x 90.32mm

Output Voltage


Charging Current

0.2V - 0.4V

Battery Capacity


Maximum Output Wattage


Resistance Range

1.2ohm -1.5ohm

Package Includes:

● 1 x VLADDIN Device

● 1 x VLADDIN RE Replacement Pod (Refillable)

● 1 x USB Charging Cable

● 1 x Quick Guide

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