Welcome to The Flavour Republic.

Our forte is in flavour creation. We create original and incredible flavours for vapourizing. You can vapourize them in Personal Vapourizers (PVs or E-Cigs), Aroma Diffusers, Fog Machines & Oil Burners, some people even use them to flavour their coffees! We’ve been creating them since year 2010, they’ve become more incredible over the years.
We also offer great customer service and amazing advice, whether you are just getting started or well experienced. Shipping is FAST with us, no drop shipping!
What are also incredible are our prices, whereas others will sell a 30ml bottle only half full for $15 or more, our 30ml bottles are FULL with 30ml contents at less than $15! You have even greater value in our larger sizes (120ml & 250ml).
Our flavours are stronger, you can dilute to 25% and still experience their awesomeness, in fact higher powered devices work best with more dilution.
NO, we do not sell nicotine while the laws in Australia are still ignorant and outdated. You must buy the nicotine yourself and partner with our flavours, its easy and fully explained in our Tutorials section.
At The Flavour Republic we believe strongly that every adult smoker that makes the choice to switch to vaping is making one of the best decisions of their lives and we’re here to help. Unfortunately, in Australia, our government are detrimentally non supportive of vaping, going against international consensus. We believe that such strong opposition to the mountain of scientific and empirical evidence now available amounts to unethical and inhumane public health malpractice. Their attempts at banning vapour products only protects the cigarette markets.
In our online store you will find the “cream of the crop” in e-liquid flavours, some of our best sellers include favourites Mothersilk, Custardzilla, Vanilla Cheesecake and tobacco flavours such as B H, D H& Virginia. We also have sample packs available so you can experiment until you find your ALL DAY fave!
We are confident that we rise above the rest as we believe that ordinary is not good enough!