Nicotine Salts & Vape PODs

Through 10 years of vaping we seem to have taken a full circle. Starting in 2008 with small cigarette shaped e-cigs (cigalikes), that were very inefficient, requiring super high levels of nicotine to have effect, think 36mg at total power of 3 watts. Demand for more a satisfying vape naturally lead to larger batteries for more power and capacity with the classic EGO battery being most popular from 2011-2014. Vapers were able to drop their nicotine levels down to 12mg or even 8mg. From 20142018 were the “exciting” years where we pushed the boundaries of performance moving from 10watts to 30watts to 50watts and massive cloud machines running at 100 – 300 watts! Of course vaping at anything over 50w nicotine levels above 8mg were pretty much intolerable so cloud chasers have stuck to around 3mg. With some vapers using up to 30ml a day you have to ask: What are we doing? Have we lost our way? We have gone from protecting our lungs from tobacco smoke by using high mg vape to suddenly filling our lungs with more and more e-liquid and radically reducing the nicotine intake.

Do we really want that much liquid vaporized into our lungs daily?

As nicotine is relatively harmless in the doses that we use it at, is it really the ingredient we should be using less of?

2019 could be the year we turn it back around, going back to smaller devices, less vapour but more nicotine, a combination that would mean less e-liquid in our lungs. With the introduction of nicotine salts to the market this makes small and less powerful more effective. You can vape 18 or 24mg without the harshness and a faster, better nicotine hit, like a cigarette. POD systems are making a comeback!
Nicotine salts, as apposed to what we use now (nicotine freebase) is a smoother but faster hitting nicotine, as you can see by the graph below. It has the potential to satisfy more using smaller devices and is available online now for the consumer. Lately, POD devices have been made famous, especially in the USA, by companies such as JUUL, most manufacturers are now flooding the market with new models such as the Kanger UBOAT, Vaporesso NEXUS, Sourin Drop, Sourin Air. In Australia there is a new company about to launch that will offer not only a POD system but also a free prescription for nicotine refills (to keep you legal), but it comes at a cost. Be careful of their subscription based service charges and remember that it is always much cheaper to buy a POD machine such as those mentioned above and fill it yourself rather than buy pre-filled pods!