“This report details more than a decade of corrupt conduct reaching into senior levels within WA Health,” the CCC report stated.”


You can find the full report published here


Over the course of a six to 10 year period, a group of building and facility
maintenance contractors invoiced NMHS for tens of millions of dollars of
work. An introduction to the group of favoured building contractors was
coveted and actively sought.
[8] How did those contractors gain entry to that special group? How did they
establish close relationships with public officers working at NMHS? How
did they get the favoured treatment?
[9] Public officers employed within the executive management at NMHS
ensured those contractors received work and that their invoices were
authorised for payment.
[10] Two senior public officers were notable for the financial influence and
prominence that attached to their executive leadership at NMHS –
Mr John Fullerton, former Executive Director of Facilities Management at
NMHS and Mr David Mulligan, former Executive Director of Perth
Children’s Hospital Integration.
[11] Various contractors paid tens of thousands of dollars for the public
officers and sometimes their partners, to travel interstate and overseas.
They renovated the private residence of Mr Fullerton. Some contractors
extended regular invitations to public officers for expensive, boozy
lunches. They took the public officers to entertainment venues in
Northbridge and to upscale restaurants.
[12] Corrupt relationships became firmly established.
[13] More than $125,000 was spent on lunches for NMHS employees over a
decade. More than $150,000 was spent on travel for the benefit of
Mr Fullerton and Mr Mulligan. The travel was interstate and overseas,
both economy and business class.
[14] In return, the public officers awarded some of these contractors multiple
NMHS contracts. They also authorised the payment of many invoices to
NMHS that covered corrupt payments. These were a layer of ‘fat’ that
some contractors added to legitimate invoices to recoup the money they
spent on lunches, travel, accommodation and cash payments. On
occasion, money added to NMHS invoices were purely for greed rather
than to recoup money spent on ‘gifts’.