Another set back for the vaping community!!!
Not sure if you have heard the eminent regressive legislation to prohibit the sale of vaping products online and restrict sales at brick/mortar stores in South Australia. The bill will be voted on in the next couple of weeks and be enforced by July 2019. As quoted by Savvas from AVATAR “The new legislation will make it illegal for any online store, whether they’re based in South Australia or interstate, to sell any vaping product to any customer in South Australia. No mods, no tanks, no eliquids, no coils, no accessories – it will even be illegal to sell a simple 18650 battery to a South Australian if it’s intended for use in a vapouriser. In addition, brick and mortar stores in South Australia: All devices and eliquids must be hidden from view; even displaying a basic juice menu with photos and flavour descriptions will be a punishable offence”
Important to note as a customer it is not illegal to source vaping products the laws only effect the retailers but this will have a ripple effect on the poor people who need to quite smoking who live in rural areas or aren’t located near a store driving them straight back to take up the smokes again! A sad day for the SA vaping community.
Will this effect WA?
Even though this legislation is only SA specific at the moment that does not mean it wont have a ripple effect across Australia. Here is the irony … apparently SA government motive is to “protect” the public because they believe they don’t have enough evidence to support that vaping is “safe” but they are happy to stand by and allow Australians to die from tobacco smoking??? Instead of focusing on the unknown how about focusing on what we do know …. smoking (combustion) kills 1 in 2 people, it is not the nicotine that kills smokers it is the combustion of over 4000 chemicals? It is clear the public health authorities are ill advised and are not reviewing all evidence available ie UK public Health and New Zealand ?
Why are they not seeing vaping is a harm minimisation strategy? By inhibiting the supply of vaping products will only force people back to smoking which we know is 95% more harmful? They have clearly ignored the many submissions from vapers all across Australia at the recent parliamentary inquiry declaring their dramatic improvement of their health since taking up vaping.
WHO IS AVATAR? – AVATAR, the Australian Vaping Advocacy, Trade, and Research organisation, a registered non-profit advocacy organisation based in South Australia. AVATAR is Australia’s vape industry body, comprising dozens of Australia’s largest vape retailers. They work with government and the media to promote and protect the rights of vapers around the country. They have spent the last two years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) travelling across Australia to meet with politicians and policy makers on the federal level and in every state and territory to let them know the impact of the recent regressive legislation an its impact on the economy, jobs, and most importantly, the health of everyday Australians. Unfortunately all of their work over the last couple of years has fallen on deaf ears since the Liberal party came into power.
We need to seek positive change with politicians we need our voices heard however in a positive light so they have no choice but to listen. It’s no use sending abusive emails or angry comments this is counter productive. We need to be respectful of people that hold a different opinion about vaping. The last thing the vaping community needs is to be portrayed as vicious rebel rousers. Instead we need to educate by sticking to the facts/evidence that has been provided by UK and NZ public health.
Don’t sit back and rest on your laurels make sure you step up and join the fight to keep vaping legal in Australia. Don’t know about you but I am outraged that our governments are trying to take away our right to reduce the harm of our nicotine addiction and source a safer alternative like vaping.
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-by Donna S