Cancer Council spreading fear through mis-information, AGAIN!

CC are at it again, giving dangerous advice on a subject that is not related to their business of dealing with cancers. Firstly, there are no vaping related cancer cases in existence, secondly, there is no tobacco or smoke in vapes, so why is this organisation allowed to make headlines related to vaping?
Regardless of their ineligibility to speak on the subject, they have recklessly done so repeatedly. This time they have jumped on the bandwagon of USA headline-grabbing anti-vaping groups declaring the first vaping death in the States and e-cigarettes are to blame! Let’s get the facts straight first on the USA “vaping related” death.
Recently, and recently is a key factor here, 200+ cases of young people “vaping” have come down with serious lung issues and yes, there has been 1 reported case of death, all in the USA. If you gently scratch under the surface of these headlines you will discover that also recently it’s been discovered that these young people are not “vaping” regular e-liquid but rather and OIL containing THC which has been extracted from cannabis using the “butane extraction method”, e-liquid and nicotine are not involved! God knows what these illegally, street-market-produced oils are doing to their lungs. As you can tell, it’s not vaping that’s doing the damage, it’s what’s being ingested that is causing the harm!

Think about it, if vaping e-liquid was the problem then the harmful cases would have appeared a long time ago and all over the world, especially the UK!
Cancer Council are always up for a cheap shot though and coupled with a few lines of exaggeration and mis-informed fear mongering makes them look useful, even though its a topic not of concern to them. Perhaps smokers converting over to vaping are losing business for them? Sounds more plausible than the “facts” they produce, such as….

“We know that the tobacco industry is what we call ‘re-emergent’ in Australia and are heavily marketing these products as a reduced-risk product,” she said.

FACT: Tobacco company vaping products have little-to-no market in Australia as their nicotine based products are not legal in Australia. Almost 100% of the market is private industry open cart systems, driven by educated ex-smokers.

“E-cigarettes are not a reduced-risk product. We don’t have enough evidence to say e-cigarettes are safe, or safer [than tobacco smoking].”

FACT: E-Cigarettes are a reduced-risk product for smokers, repeatedly declared by Public Health England as 95% safer. Mountains of evidence have been documented on the reduced risk, mostly ignored by Australia. 

“We know that even in healthy young people, the use of e-cigarettes can impair blood vessel function. The news about vaping and the use of e-cigarettes is getting worse very day.”

FACT: Unqualified, to what extent can a blood vessel function be impaired by an ecigarette? Same extent as drinking a coffee,? watching a scary movie ?  Watch out for statements that don’t quantify the effects! The evidence about vaping is getting better every day, the “news”, or “fear-mongering” is getting worse every day!

“Ms Jardine said the liquid used in e-cigarettes contained cancer-causing substances and ingredients that were not regulated.”

FACT: Again, Unqualified, what is the cancer-causing substance? How many cases of cancer have resulted? I think the answer is NONE. Stating that the ingredients are not regulated is really an “own-goal” as companies like CC are blocking the regulation!

“Cancer councils are also very concerned about something called the on-ramp effect, where we see young people are not only using e-cigarettes but they’re transitioning too easily to combustible cigarettes” We’ve made huge progress in tobacco control in Australia and we wouldn’t want to see any of that good work undone by a product that looks to hook young people through lolly flavours.”

FACT: Once again, Unqualified statement. There is no evidence that suggests vaping leads to smoking, whereas there is plenty of evidence that vaping leads people away from smoking, especially in Australia where a pack of 25 smokes is now on average $36 and higher!

So where do anti-vaping, fear-mongering groups like CC get their mis-information from?  If you have some time and like a good read, I encourage you to take a trip over to Clive Bate’s website, you’ll soon see where the poison comes from.

If you are a parent of a child or teen, then YOU are the best regulation available! After all, you are the educator on products that are related to harm, long term damage & cancer, Sugar, Smokes, Alcohol, Cars, Medications etc.


How to dig deeper & find out the truth behind the outrageous headlines?  Here are some great resources;