Australia’s federal inquiry into the use and marketing of e-cigarettes has exposed the real intentions of tobacco control activists such as Simon Chapman in Australia. When given the option to discuss the “harm reduction” devices Simon  fails to attend due to the presence of British American Tobacco at the meeting.

Those that accepted the invitation to discuss e-cigarettes with the parliament members included; New Nicotine Alliance, Dr Colin Mendelsohn, Dr Alex Wodak, British American Tobacco.

So instead of accepting the invitation and debating the issue, what does Simon do? he goes on a media blitz submitting “editorials” to print that imply that the 107 pro-vaping submissions (published so far) by real life vapers were the result of a Philip Morris email to its website subscribers calling for submissions. It’s an attempt to dismiss all of the real life and compelling letters from vapers who are admitting how switching from smoking to vaping has dramatically improved their lives and the lives of loved ones. In one fell swoop Simon buckets Australian e-cig users in with Big Tobacco, slandering vapers and implying they are all minions for the tobacco industry. This low act demonstrates that tobacco control in Australia simply do not care about the health of smokers or vapers, their one and only intent is to bring down the entire tobacco industry and unfortunately (although not a tobacco product) vapers and vaping is collateral damage.