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August 2018

WA Health Department: Culture of Corruption


“This report details more than a decade of corrupt conduct reaching into senior levels within WA Health,” the CCC report stated.” ….READ MORE You can find the full report published here Excerpt; Over the course of a six to 10 year period, a group of building and facility maintenance contractors invoiced NMHS for tens of […]

WA Health Department: Culture of Corruption2018-08-16T04:07:19+08:00

June 2018

Vaping full circle : small is back!


Nicotine Salts & Vape PODs Through 10 years of vaping we seem to have taken a full circle. Starting in 2008 with small cigarette shaped e-cigs (cigalikes), that were very inefficient, requiring super high levels of nicotine to have effect, think 36mg at total power of 3 watts. Demand for more a satisfying vape naturally […]

Vaping full circle : small is back!2018-06-09T11:58:16+08:00

April 2018

This is all you need to read…..


The ever-brilliant Clive Bates has written, again, such an influential, ever so relevant view of the vaping conundrum we are still facing today… “Ten perverse intellectual contortions: a guide to the sophistry of anti-vaping activists   This puts it nicely: Life is short and shorter for smokers. Just legalise vaping. That statement is a plain-speaking […]

This is all you need to read…..2018-04-07T05:11:39+08:00

March 2018

Inquiry: Australian vapers let down again!


The year long inquiry has ended, the 168 page report from Federal parliament was released yesterday and in summary nothing has changed! Very disappointing outcome! Australia will maintain the illegal status quo of vaping nicotine therefore continuing to criminalise vapers for choosing a less harmful alternative to smoking. Why should we have to break the […]

Inquiry: Australian vapers let down again!2018-03-29T10:21:48+08:00

November 2017

Formeldehyde myths are busted!


In realistic conditions, aldehyde emissions from new-generation e-cigarettes were up to 99% lower than smoking. “Formaldehydes detected in E-Cigs” headlines are only based on mis-use or “dry puffs”. The science is settled. LINK

Formeldehyde myths are busted!2017-11-09T13:53:53+08:00

September 2017

Aus Department of Health’s “Death Sentence”


On 25 May 2017, the Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport, The Hon Greg Hunt MP, referred an inquiry into the Use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport (Health Committee). This enquiry is still outstanding after more […]

Aus Department of Health’s “Death Sentence”2017-09-16T16:16:42+08:00

July 2017

Review of WA Governments E-Cig Submission


Taking a closer look at WA Government submission to the Federal Inquiry into use & marketing of e-cigs in Australia. The government have made some strong statements supporting the banning of e-cigs, which could have a massive (negative) impact on public health so its worth taking a closer look. Is it misinformation? Is it malpractice? […]

Review of WA Governments E-Cig Submission2017-07-30T10:04:47+08:00

UK Sees smoke-free future with vaping


This  significant government policy paper, released July 18,2017 embraces vaping and tobacco harm reduction as tools to achieve its smoke-free vision! Once again, UK are leading the way. LINK

UK Sees smoke-free future with vaping2017-07-19T05:09:26+08:00

Federal Enquiry brings new low acts by Anti-Vapers


Australia’s federal inquiry into the use and marketing of e-cigarettes has exposed the real intentions of tobacco control activists such as Simon Chapman in Australia. When given the option to discuss the “harm reduction” devices Simon  fails to attend due to the presence of British American Tobacco at the meeting. Those that accepted the invitation to […]

Federal Enquiry brings new low acts by Anti-Vapers2017-07-16T11:36:19+08:00

March 2017

NZ Legalise E-Cigs, Leaving Australia Behind Again!


LINK In a truly sensible, educated move, New Zealand legalise the sale of e-cigarettes including ones containing nicotine. Furthermore they are not going the cash grabbing way of applying extortionate taxes, do you know why? Because they’re interested in PUBLIC HEALTH!! This is more severe embarrassment for Australian Health Departments, TGA and other government bodies […]

NZ Legalise E-Cigs, Leaving Australia Behind Again!2017-03-29T13:46:06+08:00
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